Music of India



Music has always been an important part of Indian life as the culture and traditions of India are old and ancient, the music is not an exception. The Music of India includes multiple varieties such as Classical musicFolk music, filmi & Indian pop all part of India’s music and these genres have flourished with time. Here we will look at the basic structure and how the types evolved over a period of time.

Indian music can be broadly divided into 3 categories
1 Classical music
2 Folk music
3 Pop & Bollywood music

Talking about traditional Indian music we are basically referring to classical or folk music because Bollywood is a recent trend in Indian music .

Music has always been a part of nature and human beings have used it for expression and inspiration further basic principle of music was determined and the use of music was highly structured and disciplined in nature this was the music with rules and came to be known in India as Margi sangeet (music as a path toward higher living) on the other hand there also existed a type of music which didn’t have any constraints, just to celebrate daily experience of life this was termed as Deshi sangeet.
Chart-03 jpg-03
From Margi sangeet evolved classical music and from Deshi sangeet evolved present day folk music tradition.




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